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We are close to you in every way!

Updated directories of B2B (for business) & B2C (for individuals) offers, with solutions for professionals other than amateurs…
Our shop is located in Palaia Volos for you to see the tools you want and tell us our opinion on the tool that suits you ...
Delivery services at your place ...
Warehouse with a multitude of ready-made products ...
Immediate order execution in 1-3 days ...
Quick return / replacement of defective products ...
Convenient ordering methods:
Call us at 24210 27567.
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By visiting our store.
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Dedicated team of staff serving you:

with consistent order processing,
with know-how and service / product warranty,
special payment terms that fit your needs.

For economy and reliability and not for disposable tools.
We have been active in the field of industrial products and tools for the professional and the amateur since 1990.

Our goal is to provide the best and most immediate service to both professionals and amateurs in terms of purchasing, supporting, updating and advising on tools, 
accessories, industrial equipment and more.
In our store one can find from a simple pliers and a screwdriver or a ladder to Li-Ion battery tools and other machinery for the most demanding users,
as well as work clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE).
Anyone who buys a tool wants to know that it will have the support it needs at all times and that it will not be left unsupported.

For this reason we have created a wide variety of tools and accessories from brands and countries in tools and industrial items (power tools, hand tools, compressors, 
welders, pumps, cutting and grinding discs, personal protective equipment, etc.)
But apart from our ready-made tooling range, we strive to make it possible at any time to meet our customer-partner's demand and need for tools and industrial items, 
to be able to deliver it quickly and reliably in a short time space.
Even if a tool is not ready we have the capability with the network of partners we have built to have it in 1-2 days. So for us the slogan
"whatever tool you need, Kanellis Tools and you'll find it" is a constant goal.
It is our concern besides the immediate and responsible service of both professionals and amateurs to offer the right tools for the right job 
but also to provide information and technical advice based on the equipment provided - the right tool for the job!
All of this based on our experience, our efforts to keep up to date but also on the excellent cooperation we have with our partners and the most renowned tool manufacturers
(Metabo, Bosch, DeWALT, Stanley, Toptul, Force, Knipex, USAG, Facom, Gedore, Beta, etc.)

Through all these years searching for "the best tools at the best prices" we have managed to build a trusting relationship with our partners and customers.

Because for us each customer is not just another customer, but a separate partner with his or her own special needs.